Welcome to Ajanta World


Established in 1989, we, at Ajanta Associates, have been handling the entire Marketing, Sales and Services, Institutional sales. After successfully carrying out the marketing operations for over a decade, the company was re-incorporated as Ajanta Associates Pvt. Ltd., in 2000.

Acting as a common marketing platform for below products in India, we have been handling a whole range of products catering to different segments such as Wall Clocks, Table Alarm, Electronics, Electrical, Led Lighting, Consumer Products, Telephone, Calculator and Home Appliances.


Our Strengths

Over the last Three decades, we have been focusing on various channels of promotion and developing comprehensive integrated programs to build the reputation for the brands.

Backed with 30 years of successful marketing experience we have harnessed the power of skilful marketing techniques and gained a reputation in the industry.

Our marketing strategies are much more than simply selling the products across the sales network. At Ajanta Associates Pvt. Ltd. we have a distinctive culture that culminates in to forging a strong market relationships with existing customers and strengthening the marketing channels to make our marketing efforts a truly successful phenomenon.

We are aware that today’s complex and competitive business environment needs companies to enhance their approach with innovative marketing strategies. With a combination of creative and technology-driven marketing services, we have been successfully delivering across multiple disciplines.

With effective management, qualitative products and consistency for excellence, we are always geared up to provide consistent services to our customers. Our innovative marketing techniques, extensive network and efficient logistics support enables us to meet new challenges conjuring up with our multi dimensional brands.